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All Your Data Needs in a
Single AI-Powered Workspace

Because the entire platform is based on the latest web technologies, you can easily access all features of Univue through a simple web browser, from any device no matter where you or your team is located.  


Univue is protected by multiple layers of hardware and software solutions to fully protect against cyber-security issues.  Even every bit of data can have its own security settings.


Studies have shown that an average person wastes 20-30% of time on a daily basis looking for information.  Univue allows everyone to stay productive performing mission critical functions.


Organization of all your data that is scattered in multiple locations is key to Univue's function.  Even unstructured data and files located in remote platforms are easily organized through smart connectors.


Your data truly comes to life when Univue helps you to automate routine daily functions.  You can easily perform actions based on new and existing data.


Gone are the days of long implementation cycles of months or even years.  Univue can be up and running in your existing infracture within a matter of days.  We will assist in the entire setup process.



Get All the Tools You Need
In a Single, Universal Platform

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